Inline colour Measurement

Inline Colour Measurement for Process Monitoring and Control
Measuring colour in its high sophisticated version. From now on it is possible to measure the colour of goods directly in the processed material. In the melt, in the liquid, in the powder or paste form. As reflection or transmission measurement. For all purposes suitable probes are available.

The measuring system provides continuously colour data as a trend diagram with L*, a*, b* and dE* (other colour values are also available). The diagram shows the measured results vs. a standard colour with tolerances (incl. warning level). In case of dramatic differences the user is now able to manipulate the process and make corrections. The whole system is designed for use in harsh production environment and withstands dust and splash water.

Inline Colour Measurement for Process Monitoring direcly in the Melt (Plastics Extrusion)
colour values are not only an indicator for product quality but also useful as an excellent indicator for the process monitoring in the extrusion stage. All parameters in the production process (temperature, pressure, production speed, e.g. feeders, pumps etc.) have an impact directly on the colour values. It is now possible to make measurements every 50 milliseconds directly in the melt without the need for sampling. Immediate adjustments of the process parameters are therefore possible by immediate ‘off-specification’ detection.

The probe tip with sapphire lens is assembled in a typical Dynisco body. This is screwed in a standard ½“ UNF thread at the material exit position on the extruder. The installation is easy and fast. The calibration of the meter system is done without any interruption of the running process.

Inline Colour Measurement for Process Monitoring on Liquid or Paste Materials
The probe tip also equipped with a sapphire lens is made to dip in the liquid material i. e. paint, varnish, beverages, food, powder etc. There are probes for opaque and transparent materials available. By that procedure, manually sampling is obsolete. The system provides colour data from the material in very short intervals (typical 20 ms). The colour probes can be mounted easily in a pipeline, by-pass or directly to a mixing vessel.

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